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Auto Grow Crystal Fields

Don't waste space on empty fields
Often we are asked to put comment fields on Crystal Reports, usually for Invoices or Purchase Orders. However if these fields are blank they will leave a blank space on your report, which may not be very pleasing to the eye. The autogrow feature in Crystal allows you to add very small fields to a report and have them automatically grow in height only if needed. Below are the steps to use this feature:
  • Make the height of your field as small as you can (note: the width will not autogrow)
  • Right click on the field and choose Format Field
  • Check Can Grow
  • Click OK


Crystal will automatically control the spacing required for your field and will grow the required sections as needed to accommodate your data.
Another Great Tip by Victoria Yudin of Flexible Solutions, Inc. Victoria publishes a monthly newsletter on Crystal Reports.