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PCI-DSS Compliance

In case you have not heard, the major credit card firms (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover) have created new standards for firms that are accepting and processing credit card transactions. In all but the smallest firms, this will require significant software upgrades. Firms that are not compliant face fines and the termination of their processing abilities. This includes any firm that captures and holds, even for short periods of time, the credit card numbers of clients.

If you have clients that process credit cards, you need to read up on the new requirements and contact your clients ASAP. Some of these requirements go into affect September 1. A fairly comprehensive overview of PCI-DSS compliance can be found at . Several of the credit card vendors for Dynamics GP are working on PCI-DSS compliance. To date, as far as I know, only Nodus with their CCA-DSS product is certified compliant.