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Changing Account Numbers

Many people when changing GL accounts associated with inventory items simply change the accounts in the Item Class Cards.  Changing the Item Class Card is not enough.  First, posting accounts are taken from the Item Cards, not the Class Cards.  The Class Cards provide a default to pre-load the account numbers (and other things) when creating new items.

Now, if you change the Item Class Card and roll down changes, you will update the items that belong to that class with most of the changes you make on the Class Card.  COGS accounts, for example, will be updated.

Any sales transaction in process (the order or invoice has been created but the invoice not yet posted) will hold the old accounts in the transaction.  There is no easy fix for this other than to post or delete all sales transactions.  Otherwise, these transactions in process will continue to post to the original accounts until they are completed.  As an alternative, you could open each transaction, open  distributions, and click the Default button which will re-read the accounts.