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Missing Serial Numbers?

There are some very rare occassions when the quantity on hand of an item and the number of serial numbers available to issue are not syncronized.  If there are 15 items on hand, there should be 15 un-used serial numbers in the Serial/ Master table for the item (IV00200).  If not, error messages will appear in several places.

Running the Checklinks and then Reconcile utilities against the inventory tables will create new records in the Serial Master table that represent the missing serial numbered items.  The system will create new serial numbers but these will not match your inventory.  Edit the records in the Serial Lot Master table to correct the serial numbers.

You can also simply add records to the Serial Master table for the missing serial numbers.  Be sure to backup your database first, then add the records.  Be sure to examine other records for the same item for serial numbers that are currently in stock to make sure all other fields are entered correctly.

This can also be done for missing lots using the Lot Master Table (IV00300).