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Drop Shipping a Purchasing Item: Use a PO or a Purchasing Invoice?

If you have created a purchasing invoice for a drop ship, then you may be asking yourself:  Why is the Drop Ship Account number for PURCH blank on my purchasing invoice?

Here's your scenario:  You have created a Drop Ship PO, and so you assigned a Drop Ship Account to a line item on the PO.  So far, so good.

Since this is a drop ship, you then figured that you would generate a Purchasing Invoice... But then you realize that distribution is not filling-in that Drop Ship Account as the PURCH side of the GL distribution... The account number for PURCH is blank! And when you try to fill it in, you get a message that you can't change the PURCH account at the summary level.

So, then you check the setup for Drop Ship Items accounts on the item and in Posting Setup, but you can't find where to reference the Drop Ship Account for the Purchasing Invoice. So, what gives?!

Drop ship accounts are attached to items entered on POs, not to items on invoices... So, to best handle this issue, enter a PO, and receive the item when it ships to the ultimate customer. You will find that rather than updating the inventory asset, it will update the Drop Ship Account. Later, when you invoice the customer using SOP, the Drop Ship Account will be relieved for the amount of the purchase (assuming you have the sop/pop link in place).

Accolade Publications covers this process in both Understanding Purchase Order Processing and Understanding Sales Order Processing. Check out those books from our library.