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Importing Reports

When a reports dictionary is on the server and shared, it is almost impossible to import a report written on another system. By the book, you have to get all of the users to log out of Dynamics GP and then import your report. In a busy system or large install, this is frequently impossible. Here is a work around.

Copy the Reports.Dic to your local drive and make a copy of the Dynamics.set file. Call this copy DynamicsLocal.set. Modify the local set file to look at the local reports dictionary.

Now, log into Dynamics GP using the DynamicsLocal.set and import your report into the local Reports.dic. Then log out of GP and back in with your network SET file and go into Report Writer. You will find an import option that will let you import single reports from another reports dictionary. Browse to the local Reports.dic that now contains the imported report and copy just that report to the network dictionary. This can be done without running all of the users out of the system.