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Print Different Sales Docs to Different Printers

By default, all sales documents print to the same printer.  Now it is easy using Named Printers to print the Invoice to one printer and the Picking Ticket to another.  However, you can also use Named Printers to print the Long Form Picking Ticket to one printer and the Blank Form Picking ticket to a second printer.  A little known fact regarding the different document formats is that they do NOT need to be different.  The Long, Short, Blank, and Other form can all be the same, including the same size!  Users can actually create a form, export it, open the form in a text editor (like Notepad) and change the references from Long Form (for example) to Short Form and import the form back in as a different form type.  This makes it easier to create the other forms.  (Note that the form type is listed 3-4 times in the document, make sure to get all of them.)

Now, with 4 different defined forms the way you want them, Named Printers can be used to direct one form layout to one printer and a different form layout to a different printer.