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Total SOP Invoice Amount Incorrect

The causes can be several (someone shut down their workstation before exiting GP, power failures, more)  This issue is a frequent occurance.  If it is caught BEFORE posting, the easy fix is to run the Reconcile process against the individual Sales Transaction.  This process will add up the individual line items, fix the totals and the fix the distributions.

If you have already posted, corrections depend on what the specific situation is.  What has the customer been told they owe?  Is it the same as the amount posted to their account?  Adjustments may be needed to bring their account in line with the amount they believe they owe.  If you have not yet mailed the invoice, I would void the original transactions and re-key an order and invoice it.

Quantity adjustments to inventory should not be needed.
GL Postings must be examined (if the incorrect invoice is not voided) and any adjustments needed made.  There should not be any standalone adjustments as any adjustments to receivables will also post to GL.

Information on the above mentioned feature and more can be found in Accolade's Understanding Sales Order Processing