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Open Record Notes with a Keystroke

Last week I met a very nice lady at the organizational meeting of a user's group.  She was bemoaning the loss of a function frequently used by her staff.  Seems in older versions of GP, users could open record notes with a keystroke.  "Now, you need to take your hands off the keyboard," she said, "and grab the mouse."

Try on Alt/F8 to start recording a macro while the desired window (say the Sales Transaction Entry window).  Name the macro. Next, use the mouse to open the appropriate Record Notes window.  Once the Record Notes window is open, click on Alt/F8 again to stop the macro.

Next, in the Navigation Pane, add a Macro Shortcut.  Point to the macro just recorded and assign a Keyboard Shortcut key to the shortcut.

That's it!.  Now as you type along, just hit the keyboard shortcut associated with the macro and, POOF!, the Record Notes window opens without using the mouse!.  Keep in mind, this macro ONLY works for the one window that was opened when it was recorded.  If shortcuts are needed for other windows, they need to be recorded individually and assigned to different keystrokes.

And yes, other windows and functions can be opened with keystrokes by using macros.