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Accolade New User Gift Program

Introducing the Accolade New Client Gift Pack Program

Say, Thank You, in an impressive way!

Accolade Publications, Inc., will send a gift package to your new MS Dynamics ERP clients containing a book from our library and information and gifts from other participating ISVs. This gift package will appear to be sent to your clients FROM YOU. Your clients will receive the gift carrying your firm's name with a thank you card thanking your client for investing in MS Dynamics GP and trusting your firm.

The best part of this program: It costs you nothing! Accolade Publications and the other participating ISVs bear the full cost of this program. We send your new client a gift box with helpful information and products. We encourage your client to work with you if software installation is needed and to contact you if any license purchases are needed. The free gift we send your customer not only builds goodwill in your name but also generates more revenue for you.

Send a free gift package to your new users now!


Gift Program Restrictions


The Accolade New User Gift Program is designed to allow MS Dynamics GP Partners to send a free gift pack to their new clients. There are a few restrictions on the program:

1. Clients cannot sign-up directly for these gift packs.

2. Partners wanting to participate should contact Accolade Publications, Inc., in advance. Gift Packs are sent with a Thank You letter from YOU. We need copies of this letter before you request gift packs for your new clients.

Please call Accolade Publications, Inc., at (321) 206-4690 and ask about enrolling in the New User Gift Pack program. It is FREE for MS Partners!