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Richard's Attic is a blog by Microsoft Dynamics Guru, Publisher and Author Richard L. Whaley.

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Microsoft Offers Integration Between Dynamics CRM 2011 and Dynamics SL 2011

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics provides an integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011. The downloadable Connector is specifically designed to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 SP 1 or later. Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is an integration solution which is targeted specifically at the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. The primary emphasis of the Connector is that of simplicity and ease of use while providing highly reliable and fault tolerant business document integration between Dynamics family products. The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics SDK contains documentation, templates, and sample code to help third party developers and partners who want to extend the functionality of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

System Requirements: (1) Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 SP 1 or later. (2) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 must be installed or a subscription to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or a Partner hosted deployment must be active.

For additional details or support, contact your Microsoft Partner or, if enrolled in a support plan directly with Microsoft, you can enter a new support request to Microsoft Dynamics® Technical Support from Customer Source or Partner Source under Support >> New Support Request.

The Top 3 Reasons Why "Closing Microsoft Dynamics SL" is Essential for a Successful Close in MS Dynamics SL

Written by Paige Rodgers, author of “Closing Microsoft Dynamics SL” published by Accolade Publications, Inc.

(1) "Closing Microsoft Dynamics SL" provides a detailed checklist for closing each module to ensure that no essential steps are skipped.

(2) "Closing Microsoft Dynamics SL" provides detail behind the steps in the checklist explaining why the step is done and what to look for.

(3) "Closing Microsoft Dynamics SL" saves you time and money by identifying what reports to run when an issue is occuring.

Buy “Closing Microsoft Dynamics SL” at:

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