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Adding Events to Our Calendar

Thank you for your interest in posting your firm's events on our calendar. We are working to make our calendar THE PLACE TO FIND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS EVENTS. Your contribution will help, and all the contributions together will bring more viewers and even more interest to your events.


What types of events should be listed?

Events open to anyone in the Microsoft Dynamics community are welcome. Of course, classes in Manufacturing will only be of interest to people in manufacturing; but if any manufacturing user can attend, then we want the listing posted. If you are not sure, then go ahead and post it! No submission automatically posts until we review it anyway. If it is not appropriate, it will not be published. (And that goes for multi-level marketing offers, get rich quick schemes, XXX postings, et cetera.)

Training Classes from any training center are welcome. When you will be charging a fee for attendance that should be noted in the posting. We will explain where to put that information later in this article.

Webinars, free or otherwise, are welcome. This includes webinars designed to promote your product, as well as, training sessions from user groups, et cetera.

Open House and Customer Appreciation Days are always welcome. New product announcement sessions and generally anything of interest to the Dynamics community are great posts on the events calendar.


Approvals are required!

Yes, you can submit generally anything. However, events do not automatically appear publicly on the calendar. Your submission will NOT appear until one of our editors reviews the information. Please follow the rules below for submitting an article. The less editing we need to do, the greater the chance your item will be approved and appear quickly.

Accolade Publications, Inc., reserves the right to review and change any wording to any submission for publication on our website. At our sole discretion, we also reserve the right to refuse publication of any information that is, in our opinion, not appropriate for our website.


How to Submit an Event

First, you must be an Accolade Partner. To do that, simply log-in with your credentials (or create an account if you don't have one), and then e-mail us and ask for Author rights. Author rights give you permission to submit an event online. Note that your firm must be a Partner, Training Center, ISV, or you must be an independent trainer (or Microsoft themselves). As soon as we confirm your status and upgrade your account, we will notify you via e-mail.

Plese follow these instructions:

1. Log-in to our site and select Event Calendar or View Events Calendar from the menu. Scroll to the bottom of the Calendar page and click on Add an Event. The Edit Event window will open.

2. In the Subject line (which appears by default on the Common tab), enter the title of your event as you wish it to appear on the calendar. (It is not necessary to specify the type of event in the Subject line.)

TIP: Remember the events on our calendar span the U.S.A. and span Dynamics applications! So, a good title includes the event location and the specific software application like... "Miami, FL: Dynamics GP User Group" or "Burbank, CA: Closing AX Training" or "Web-event: Introduction to Dynamics CRM Webinar." You get it!

3. In the Categories pull down, select the type of event from the list.

4. Leave Access Level set to Public. If you change it, we will change it back! If you change it all the time, we may restrict your submission ability.

5. In the Activity pane, write a short paragraph or two about your event. When a user clicks on your event in the calendar, they will see this information. At the end of the information you enter, type one of these two lines: "Cost -- FREE" or "Cost -- $whatever you charge$." This is required. If this information is not included, you will be contacted for this information, and publication of your event will be delayed.

6. Also, if there is a web address for your sign-up or registration form available to direct visitors to register or sign-up for your event, then it is here in the activity pane that you must put your link... Make sure web addresses include the necessary characters, such as, "http://...," for example:

If your link does not appear to behave like an active web-address link, then you may need to make this link act and appear link a web-link by using the Insert/Edit Link button in the activity pane toolbar...

6.a. Select/highlight the link that you have typed.
6.b. Press Ctrl+C (copy) on your keyboard.
6.c. Click the Insert/Edit Link button in the activity pane toolbar.
6.d. Click the URL field, and then press Ctrl+V (paste) on your keyboard.
6.e. Give your link a simple title like, "Event Registration," in the Title field.
6.f. Click the Insert button to save your link.

7. In the Location field, enter the street address where the event will be held. If the event is a webinar or conference-call, then mention here that the location for the event is "Web-based" or "Internet" or "Phone Conference," etc. If the event is an "in-person" event, a physical address is needed.

8. In the Contact field, provide the reader with a contact for the event, such as, "Call Marty at 123-123-1234" and/or an e-mail address. This is required!

9. Use the Extra Info field to enter: "Event presented by [Your Firm Name Here]." This is required!

10. Next, click on the Calendar tab, and complete the relevant specifications for the date and time of your event.

11. When everything is correct on the form, click the Save button at the upper-right of the page. We will automatically get notified when new events are submitted, and we will review new postings within 24 hours (M-F). If everything looks good, your event will be activated on the calendar for public visibility. Otherwise, we will use the e-mail address in the Contact field to contact you.

If you face any challenges during this process, please contact us for support at:
(321) 206-4690.